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It’s simple. We combine the finest specialty grade coffee from India with the brewing and blending techniques from the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne. The result being a smooth and delicious experience that you will savour.

Our Story

CoffeeHive has its origins in Melbourne, Australia – the world’s coffee capital.

As kids on those hot summer days we watched our parents faces as they consumed their favourite iced coffee complete with crushed ice, milk and a delicious dollop of vanilla ice-cream.

Our dreams eventually became a reality, when, as teenagers this liquid-gold silky treat passed our own lips for the first time.

It’s experiences like these that are etched into our memories forever and which planted the seed that drives our business and passion today.

From the corporate boardrooms to the eclectic nature and diverse surrounds of Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs where our origins began, the humble bean has become the lifeblood of people’s daily routines and culture.

Our aim is to share this culture with our customers by delivering specialty coffee to both coffee lovers and the uninitiated alike.

CoffeeHive brings together the best of both worlds. We combine the coffee know-how from Melbourne with specialty grade beans sourced from select growers.

For our Indian customers we have combined with local growers to bring a range of coffees to market.

We hope you enjoy your coffee experience with us!

Farm to Cup

We work directly with the farmers and owners to bring you quality coffee that not only tastes amazing but is grown with heart. Every sip of a CoffeeHive brew embodies our partnership and commitment to the burgeoning coffee farming community in South India. 

Our master roasters transform our selected beans into beans of caffeinated joy. Highly trained baristas then dial up the grind to deliver the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee to you.

You won't bean disappointed!

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